Official BPS licensed game for Facebook Instant Messenger developed by CoolGames.



Tetris remains one of the most beloved and recognized video game franchises of all time.

Tetris for Instant games offers a marathon mode, where players need to clear lines with the goal of achieving the highest score possible!

Adding to the intense gameplay experience, new high-score leaderboards, daily missions and simple to use friend-invites will make the new Tetris a fun, social experience!


The first project I worked on at CoolGames was Tetris Twist, another official BPS licensed game. It released on Yahoo in Japan and various other online gaming portals around the world in 2016.

We learned to work with the strict guidelines that official Tetris games require.

Within those boundaries I designed and balanced a campaign with 100 levels that feature various surprising mechanics no other Tetris game had done before.

With the experience of Tetris Twist under the belt I became in charge of designing aTetris game for Facebook Instant Messenger.

This time around it was all about the social and virality features to make a game a success on the Instant Messenger platform.

I designed the game to revolve around beating the highscores of your friends on weekly leaderboards, and completing daily missions to increase your rank and boast to your friends about it, on Facebook of course!

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