Official HMD Global licensed game for Facebook Instant Messenger developed by CoolGames.



Snake for Instant Games was developed by CoolGames on behalf of HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, as part of the launch of a series of Nokia smartphones.

In line with the original game, players will move the snake around the screen, eating apples and bugs along the way to score points. The more the snake eats, the longer it grows, making it a challenge to control.


As part of the launch of a new series of Nokia smartphones we developed Snake as one of the first games on the Facebook Instant Games platform.

I lead the game from concept to completion with a very tight deadline.

The developers, artists and I were required to gain knowledge of the brand new Instant Games platform and deliver a game that looks and feels close to the original Snake game, within a very short amount of time.

With millions of users playing the game, it was a huge success.

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