2D puzzle-platformer for Windows developed as part of my NHTV IGAD graduation project.



RedplusBlue is a 1-player co-operative puzzle-platformer in which the player controls 2 characters simultaneously. 

The goal is to get the characters together. In order to do so the player must solve puzzles and master platforming skills.


RedplusBlue is part of my graduation project for the International Game Architecture & Design course of the NHTV in Breda.

It puts into practice the theory of my dissertation 'Player & Difficulty Management', and I have playtested the game with external playtesters extensively to validate design decisions.

I have developed this game by myself, building it in the Unity3D engine, writing the functionality with JavaScript.
The art and animation I have done with the help of Adobe Flash, Photoshop and a tool called TexturePacker.

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