Official Hasbro licensed game for Facebook Instant Messenger developed by CoolGames.



Battleship for Facebook Messenger was developed by CoolGames in close collaboration with Hasbro. 

It is a turn-based multiplayer game, where users can engage in many battles against friends.

Enhanced by the many social and rich gameplay features that Facebook Instant Games offers, millions of new users can now experience Battleship on their smartphones.

Through CoolGames’ matchmaking system, it also provides the opportunity to challenge random players who are not Facebook contacts.

Challenge friends and sink their fleets before they sink yours! 


Battleship is the first multiplayer game CoolGames developed, with me as captain guiding the ship through an uncharted ocean.

With Facebook's Instant Games platform still heavily in development and updates releasing every other week, this project was a big undertaking. But it currently is one of CoolGames' games with the best retention numbers.

After revisiting the original Battleship boardgame and researching many other digital renditions of Battleship I designed the game to capture that feeling of anticipation when shooting, finding the correct row and column, and joy when you find your opponents ship.

I worked close together with the artists to design the User Interface to look like the original boardgame coming to life.

And I designed an in-game economy around coins, sunken treasure, special weapons and ship customization that can be monetized with advertisements and/or IAP. This is currently scheduled to be released with an upcoming update to the game.

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