I wanted to draw bats...

When I was little drawing bats was somewhat of a daily ritual. I remember clearly being quite perfectionistic about it too. I had the perfect image of it in my head, but transferring that to an A4 sheet of printing paper proved itself to be quite the challenge. When the pose didn't work out or the margins around the bat to the edges of the paper weren't of equal distance, I binned it and started on a new sheet.

The games I (read: my parents) bought on floppy diskettes and booted in MS-DOS proved a great source of inspiration. With my imagination triggered by those games I expanded my drawing subjects to all sorts of other animals, creatures, monsters, and the worlds they lived in. I wanted to turn those into playable games!
The book on learning to code in basic that my father brought home for me initially wasn't a success however. But the seed had been planted of course...

In the years that followed I developed many more creative outlets and obsessions, and always went for it 100%:

  • Comics and action figures: I have a big collection of Spawn figures.
    The bat-like aesthetics might have something to do with that. 

  • Skateboarding: For years my friends and I would spend every weekend at the Westblaak skatepark in Rotterdam. I still watch skateboarding videos on youtube daily. I swear I can still do a kickflip! 

  • Magic: the Gathering: Regularly my friends from my local gamestore in The Hague and I travel to Grand Prix tournaments around Europe to compete, and have fun of course. 

  • Indie games: 2d platformers in particular. Downloading them from Steam isn't quite the same as booting that floppy in DOS of course!

  • Music: This is a biggie. I've been playing various instruments since my childhood. But when I came across the metal there's been one instrument that reigns supreme: the guitar. From that moment on my hair grew longer, my t-shirts got black-er, and I traded my baggy pants for skinny jeans. My friends and I travelled to every metal concert we could go to. I also played bass guitar in a death metal band for a while. Currently Im still writing, recording and composing my own songs. My musical interest doesn't limit itself to metal and guitars though! Supertramp is my jam.

As for drawing bats nowadays, ask me about my tattoo's...

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